Send us an email to get the process started.  We can custom design just about anything using the materials of your choice.  

20 Seaman Ave #3D
New York, NY


Specialized carpentry and Craftsman furniture from sustainable sources 

(or some burnt-out wreck that got knocked down somewhere)

Inwood Guitar Company-logo.png

Inwood Guitar Company

Inwood Guitar Company-logo.png

Inwood Guitar Company is a project that empowers high school students in upper-Manhattan to participate in the experience of running a small business focused on the production of quality, hand made string instruments.  Through the woodworking program at Inwood Academy for Leadership, and in partnership with Real World Scholars, students involved in this project participate in every aspect of running a small business.  Our instruments are hand made here in our shop using only the finest materials. 

We are currently hard at work on our first batch of instruments.  Follow our progress below and stay tuned for more information!